Online Courses for Music Teachers

Online courses for music teachers is one of the most interesting degrees that may be taken up today. Because music is very popular among young and old people, knowing how to teach can lead to a profitable career. Studying on the web is also more convenient.


These programs train students how to create study lessons. They will be taught how to train a single student or a classroom. There are usually lessons on teaching advanced students and slow learners as well.

Aspiring teachers will also be trained how to conduct and direct music. Skills will be developed so these students can teach effectively. Part of the training includes self discipline and harnessing their talents in music.


There are many topics covered in these programs. Some of the most common subjects are introduction to music education research, orchestration and technology pedagogy. Would-be teachers must also study the philosophy and history of music.

Course subjects will include American music, African music and those in other countries. Students may focus on a specific country’s music. They may also take up jazz, orchestra or classical music among others.

There are also topics on policy research and music production. They will be trained in modern electronic instruments and podcast. Students have the option of studying the psychology of music. Most of these classes culminate with one more exam. In other programs, there is a capstone project.


It varies from class to class. Some of these will require applicants to have basic knowledge of musical instruments. An entrance exam may also be required. A bachelor’s degree in music is needed to enroll in a master’s degree program. In some classes, education from an accredited university is required.

High school records are also needed. For aspiring music teachers, a professional paper in music education or letters of recommendation may be needed. Teaching experience is mandatory in some online schools.

Other Information

These programs grade the students’ performance. Like other online schools, there is less need for travel, making the course cheaper. Most subjects can be completed on the web, but others require attending a few workshops.

Aspiring teachers also have to be certain the school is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music or another reputable organization.

Online courses for music teachers are available from privately run websites and some colleges. By the time students finish, they will be able to teach how to use a wide variety of instruments.