Online Courses for Natural Medicine

Online courses for natural medicine offer degrees of certificates in different fields. Aside from standalone Internet sites, there are traditional schools that offer web based alternative medicine courses.


There are several fields you can study or specialize in. There are extensive Internet programs on acupuncture, massage therapy and alternative treatments. Some of these courses require on-campus activities, but others are purely on the Internet. The on-campus work usually takes place in testing facilities approved by the site.

There are also classes on nutrition, natural and cleaning diets and various kinds of Chinese medicine. Interested people can also take botany. Plant study is covered in a lot of these courses because of the medicinal properties of many plants. While some Internet programs center on a specific type, most are well-rounded. They give students several options for students to choose from.

Coursework Contents

Web courses on herbal medicine offer certifications, bachelor’s and master’s degrees and doctorates in various medicine disciplines. Additional subjects which can be studied are herbalism, natural health and wellness, iridology and other related courses. Course contents are conducted in different ways.

Aside from reading materials, there are also tutorials, step by step guides for preparing medicine and how to conduct research. There are also forums and discussion boards for those who want to interact with their peers.

Internet programs on kinesiology, reflexology and using flower essences are also available. You can also study crystal healing, color therapy, yoga, aromatherapy and Ayurvedic medicine. Some of these subjects can be studied alone. But instructors are available in others.

Other fields of study you can focus on are holistic medicine, wellness and health and the healing properties of assorted herbs and plants.

The way these classes work varies. Some of them may require you to email assignments and projects to your instructor. Other sites are arranged like virtual classrooms, with the lessons submitted online. Some are very detailed, teaching you how to grow herbs and use them for medical treatment.

Other Information

Although many Internet based programs are complete, many will provide an option to participate in a clinic. There are also several classes that offer homeopathy and naturopathic medicine courses. You will also find many that concentrate on counseling, pharmacology and therapeutics.

Online courses for natural medicine are widespread, but you should check its background. Make sure that it has a good reputation. It won’t hurt to ask for recommendations or users’ opinions about this or that school.