Online Courses for Networking

Online courses for networking are intended to provide people information about computers and how they work. However, the subject is much deeper than that and also focuses on other issues.


The main purpose of these online programs is to learn basic computer network concepts, what software to use and how they are administered. Whether you choose diploma or certificate programs, either one will be good enough for entry-level work. The majority of Internet based programs are made so students can get a vendor certification.


Web based courses are built differently. Some are purely based on the web. Others will require you to go on-site and perform lab work or interact with instructors. The purely Internet courses are more convenient unless the lab / campus site is nearby. These live classes may take place once every semester.

These programs have several modules and subjects. Students are required to learn basic and advanced concepts regarding computer software and hardware. These programs also teach students about routing and switching and related skills.

Wireless networking is another subject taught in almost all web based courses. Understanding router architectures is another main thrust of these web based programs.

Additional Programs

Internet classes also provide instructions on programming databases, networking operating systems, viruses, hacking and how to provide security.

There are also subjects designed specifically to provide information on how knowledge can be applied. Participants are also encouraged to work with computers and get familiar with different network setups.

Those who want to specialize in specific courses have plenty to choose from. Among them are help desk operations, network essentials, microcomputer operations and computer technology.

Job Opportunities for Graduates

Students who take and finish a course online can work in several fields. They can become a telecommunications specialist, network engineer, help desk technician or a network technician. They can also become a network administrator.

Other Information

While many Internet networking schools are pay sites, some are free. They discuss a variety of subjects, including networking hardware, routers, network access points and many others.

Some however, require you to purchase textbooks. These will be used along with online materials. Some of these free courses may also require interaction with students and instructors.

Online courses for networking are always evolving. Some now focus on large-scale networking systems and the way they are designed. There are also courses that center on optimizing performance, congestion control and multicast routing.