Online Courses for Notary Public

Online courses for notary public have made it easier than ever to specialize in this field. These classes used to be available only in seminars and live classes. But Internet classes provide students with an alternative.


The purpose of these courses is to educate you on the basic concepts, clauses and legal terminology associated with the job. The regulations can vary per state, so these programs are oriented towards specific locations.


Internet classes train students on the proper procedures required of a notary public. This is necessary so incorrect documentation is avoided. Once enrolled, students can access the online site’s study programs and materials. A notary fact sheet is included as well as an exam.

The exam tests how well you have remembered the lessons. Some of these programs also include an online brochure. Well designed sites offer support for their students. Email is the most popular method, although there are also discussion boards used. Instructors are there to provide assistance and advice.

Some of these sites offer a discount or refund if you don’t pass the exam. This is something you should consider. This can save you money. Second, it goes to show how confident the site is of having you pass the test. Some of these classes are hybrid. You need to be certain about the site policy before proceeding.


You have to be at least 18 years old to apply. Applicants must also be residents of the state where they want to apply. After completing the online course, you must pass an exam to be licensed. Keep in mind that not all Internet training programs are detailed.

Be certain that they cover all the basics. Otherwise you will end up having to go to a seminar and repeat the lessons. Most of these states will also do a background check on the applicant. Other requirements may also be stipulated.

Other Information

The cost varies depending on the site, although most are under $150 per student. The price will include all study materials. Before joining a class, get an idea of what people are saying about it. How many people who have used the program actually passed the exam? What is the site’s reputation? Ask these questions first.

Online courses for notary public are not made equal. Some are more feature-packed than others. Take the time to study each feature. The course description should be indicated on the website.