Online Courses for Nursing Home Administration

Online courses for nursing home administration teach you how to handle the operations of a nursing home. You will also learn how to work with other staff members. These Internet programs explain what the license requirements are.

Coursework Overview

Subjects in nursing administration courses explain different topics. Subjects begin with an Introduction to long-term care, gerontology, the aging process and necessary laws. You will also find out about chronic diseases, ethical issues, physical rehabilitation and the nature of health administration.

They will also learn about employee relations, measurement and control. Other areas of study are law and personnel management, accounting, basics of finance, human resources management and delegating.

Students are also going to learn about organizing and how to plan for change. Related topics are management evolution, social work and pharmaceutical services. As an administrator, you must also study dietary activities and nutrition. They must also find out about physician and nursing services.

Additional Details

Would-be administrators also have to go over financial planning and budget management. Those who want to enroll must have a health care administration associate’s degree. Alternatively you can take another health major.

Core subjects include long-term care management, health care planning, health care financing and quality assurance. Another online study option is to take a gerontology or business administration course. This can be supplemented with appropriate coursework. The subjects will depend on the state licensing requirements.

Master’s Degree

A master’s degree is preferred for administration, although a bachelor’s degree is acceptable. A Master of Science is composed of public health, long term care and related subjects. 33 credit hours usually make up a master’s degree. Coursework will depend on the degree you take. Common subjects are general facility management, communication, leadership and medical technology.


Requirements differ depending on the state. You must meet the requirements stated to be accepted and enter the program. In some states an applicant must have a 1,000-hour internship program. A license is required regardless of the state you are practicing in.


These colleges with nursing administration programs provide information necessary to meet the requirements of state board exams. You will also learn about management basics. They must also be aware of the requirements of elderly folk. These programs provide opportunities for personal development.

No matter which online courses for nursing home administration you take, a minimum of bachelor’s degree is needed. You must have a degree from an accredited university.