Online Courses for Nursing Home Administrator

Online courses for nursing home administrator will teach how to deliver health care in an institution. In addition, these programs will teach students how to supervise and direct health services. They must also coordinate all of these services.

Coursework Overview

Schools for nursing administration have different curriculums. But there are common topics such as private duties, relevant laws and an overview of running a nursing home / health care facility.

Those who want to be an administrator must study basic management concepts, personnel management, gerontology and legal issues in health care. Additional subjects are on health care financial management and related topics.

Prerequisite coursework have to be completed with a minimum grade (usually C). Only those who study in accredited schools will be recognized by these programs. Usually, courses have to be three credit hours long minimum.

These have to be completed within 10 years after gaining eligibility. This is needed to participate in license exams. Many classes do not accept individualized contract learning coursework. Additional subjects may have to be studied too depending on the course.

Additional Details

These nursing programs teach you how to manage a nursing home institution. Proper administration of resident care is also taught. Staff supervision is also explored in these programs. It is also possible for administrators to study other degrees. These include business administration, public health and health sciences. Every student has to pass a national licensing test.


Colleges with nursing programs require students to have a GED or high school diploma. This is required for all kinds of nursing programs. Many classes require you to take up biology and other programs. Several schools require students to have two years of postsecondary education minimum. An alternative is work experience.

Other Information

Every state in the US has regulations which students have to study. You can only get a license after meeting the minimum requirements for education. Even after graduating, continuing education is required for license renewal.

Renewal may take place every year or every three years depending on the state. These courses have to be completed before licenses can be renewed. The topics will vary, but they aim to improve an administrator’s ability to grasp relevant issues.

Online courses for nursing home administrator and a bachelor’s degree is usually enough to get the job. But you can study for a master’s degree and get a higher position. Schooling in state-approved training programs is required.