Online Courses for Nursing Management

Online courses for nursing management will prepare you for the activities that you have to perform. You will learn the various functions needed to work in a health care organization.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with nursing programs begin with basic concepts such as professionalization of nursing, leadership versus management, theories and styles of leadership and conflict management. Among the subjects you have to study are barriers to the emergence of full professional status, milestones in the professionalization of nursing, definition of terms, transformational leadership and transactional leadership.

As a student, you also have to take up contingency theory, path-goal theory and other leadership theories. These include theories on charisma, contingency and leadership. You will also learn about strategies for building a personal power base, mobilizing the power of nursing and authority power gap.

Other required subjects are community health nursing, pharmacotherapeutics, adult health nursing and pathophysiology. The fundamentals of nursing practice are also covered. Live training is also provided in these websites.

Additional Details

Nursing colleges will also teach you topics concerning mediation arbitration, characteristics of a conflict, strategies for management of conflict, approaches to management, interpersonal conflicts and related topics. As a nurse manager in a health care organization, your job is to make the organization efficient and accomplish their goals.

Roles and Duties of a Nurse Manager

These courses also teach you how to keep students accountable and responsible. You also learn how to work effectively in an organization. In these classes you will learn the authority and limits of a manager’s power.

Other duties of these courses include coordinating and integrating resources. You will also study topics such as feedback, evaluates outcomes, task delegation, organizational structure and many others. The mandate of the organization has an effect on a manager’s mandate.

Other Information

Those who study how to be a nursing manager follow activities and behaviors that set direction for patient care. The job of a nursing manager is to ensure these goals are carried out. Nursing colleges provide students many degree options.

Each has its own requirements. If you are taking a bachelor’s degree program, prerequisite courses usually include developmental psychology, nutrition, microbiology and chemistry with lab. Other subjects that have to be studied are anatomy and physiology. Required courses for a master’s degree will differ.

Online courses for nursing management are similar to what you will take in a nursing leadership program. In fact the two complement one another.