Online Courses for Nutritionists

Online courses for nutritionists have improved through the years. There are now web based programs that will give you certification which can serve you in good stead when looking for work. The schedules online are very flexible so you can keep working too.

Contents and Classes

These web classes have different set ups so their required classes vary. Two subjects which are frequently included are digestive physiology and biochemistry. These courses also focus on training students to become consultants.

While these sites are self-pacing, there is a limit (i.e., 24 months, 12 months etc) for its completion. This will vary per site so you should verify it first. However, most allow you to enroll at any time. These websites usually designate an instructor for every student.

The curriculum may include other subjects that are related in some way to nutrition. For example, some courses offer business development for those who want to get into it.

Some of these programs are purely on the Internet. A few may include some offline/on-campus work. These courses target different people. There are Internet programs which focus on advanced users. They are meant for nutritionists who want to continue their education. Others offer basic education and an introduction to the subject. Many of these websites offer degrees, including master’s.

Specialties and Other Course Features

Some of these web classes emphasize the scientific aspect of nutrition. The goal is to apply principles based upon scientific evidence. The goal is to apply the knowledge to resolve health issues. These subjects concentrate on nutritional analysis.

After studying this subject and others, students can graduate and become nutrition consultants. Some Internet schools offer participants various degrees, including options in holistic nutrition. These classes also encourage critical thinking.

Other Information

All would-be nutrient counselors are required to take an examination before getting a license to practice. The examination is made up of 11 tests. There are several topics covered including practice management and general and applied nutrition. Those who become authorized nutrition counselors will have the CNC trademark.

They will receive this after passing the requirements imposed by the American Association of Nutritional Consultants (AANC). The AANC stipulates one year experience in nutrition or a related field is needed. Alternatively, they must have at least one year education.

Online courses for nutritionists can be accessed anywhere in America. However, the registration, certification, licensing etc will vary state by state. Students should remain updated on the current laws to avoid trouble.