Online Courses for NYC Teacher’s

Online courses for NYC teacher’s offer several subjects and degrees. While these programs are ideal for residents, they can also be used as a guide by aspiring educators.

Types of Courses

Free courses are just that; free. They can be accessed by anyone at anytime. A few of these sites may require registration (free), but others don’t. There are no instructors provided or any sort of schedule. You can study the subjects in any order. It is just like browsing a regular website.

Sites that have tuition fees are formal in structure. The lessons are prepared by licensed professionals. Teachers will also earn credit after completing these programs. Continuing education programs are for professional teachers. They must take these classes to renew / maintain their license in New York.


Topics are usually divided into categories such as new teachers’ recourses and using technology and resources for professional educators. If you are a new teacher in New York, expect to take courses on curriculum, setting classroom standards and managing students.

Other subjects for novice teaches are strategic planning, communalizing with parents and adolescent literacy. Web classes also give you insights into various teaching methods. This is necessary because students learn in different ways. Some are slow learners, while others are better suited for more advanced courses.

Those who want to use the Internet for teaching can take up subjects on writing & publishing on the web and digital storytelling. Teachers also have to learn about Internet safety, cyber bullying and Internet projects for the classroom. They will also learn how to use the web for research purposes. This knowledge can then be passed on to their students.

Selecting an Online Class

Of course you have to choose one that has the course you need. Second, check if the site requires you to go to their campus on a regular basis. If that is the case, choose one that is near your area.


Free courses do not have any requirements. For credit classes, you must submit proof of your credentials, school records etc. For continuing education programs, you have to show proof of your license, work experience, transcript records and other documents the site requires.

There are several online courses for NYC teacher’s. Not all of them offer the subjects indicated above. Take your time when selecting a program. If you need to earn credits, enrolling in a formal tuition based class is necessary. Reading free teachers’ materials online will not be enough.