Online Courses for Occupational Therapy Aide

Online courses for occupational therapy aide prepare students to help OTs with rehab work. As an assistant, their work entails helping patients with developmental, mental and / or physical problems. You will help with treatments and assist in various activities.

Coursework Overview

Occupation therapy colleges explain the principles, philosophies, practices and theories behind occupational therapy. Skills development will center on observation and interaction. The emphasis is on continuing education, clinical training and psychomotor skill development.

Basic Courses

These include therapy principles, definition, historical development and practice principles. Also included are therapy processes, outcomes, evaluation and intervention. Activity analysis is also included in fundamental studies.

In OT practice framework, you will study types of outcomes, intervention strategies and types, activity demands, contexts and performance patterns. Client factors, performance skills and areas of occupation are also studied.

Additional Areas of Study

Aspiring OT assistants must also study its history, the OT community and current practices and settings. You will learn how the practice developed in the US. Informal relationship building and mentorship are taught. OT theories and practices include discussions on state of the art technologies, occupation science and theories that support OT practice. Courses on legal and ethical considerations must also be studied.


Ocupational therapy programs have several goals; at the end of these programs you will become familiar with the latest therapy practice options. You will also become versed in philosophies, activity analysis, uniform technology and frames of reference.


Colleges require you to complete a specific number of credit hours, although the total differs. General education courses such as math, English composition, humanities and social studies are required. Completion of medical courses is also a must. There may be other topics that will be required.


These classes are a mixture of online / hybrid classrooms and field work. Aspiring OT assistants can take an Associate of Applied Science degree. This can be completed in a couple of years. In some classes you will be required to attend seminars and meetings. Several options are available for enrollment.

Online applications are becoming common. But some universities require you to submit documents in person. You can study part-time or full time. Again you will be able to complete these programs if the required credit hours are finished.

Online courses for occupational therapy aide must have accreditation from ACOTE (Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education). After completing these courses, you will be qualified for the exam and be certified.