Online Courses for Oncology

There are many online courses for oncology available. These are for professionals who wish to undertake continuing education. Some programs are free while others require you to pay a fee like a real school.


Many of the courses on the Internet provide information on different types of cancer. Aside from giving info about the disease, help and advice is provided to people who are battling this condition.

These courses provide updated information on the condition, as well as the latest possible treatments. The newest diagnostic treatments, medications, side effect management techniques and planning are also covered.


These courses have many features as the subject of oncology is vast. Some focus on general topics like diagnosis of the disease, following up of patients and the various treatments available (chemotherapy, surgery etc). These sites will also have resources on screening efforts, ethical issues about cancer care and other related subjects.

Most of the courses on the Internet cover the major aspects of the subject so students lessons are complete. Classifications of subjects are usually divided between diagnosis, therapy, palliative care, specialties, progress and research.

There will also be sections on ethical issues. These include withdrawal of active treatment, end of life matters and how much info to give patients. Many of these subjects are covered in depth.


Delivery of Lessons

A lot of the information online comes in the form of text and downloadable material. However, an increasing number offer video, audio tools and many others. The lessons will also depend on the course.

There are many specialties in the field like pediatric oncology, gynecologic oncology, radiation oncology and many more. In universities, subjects like advanced sciences, pharmacology and anatomy are covered. They will also take part in internships at medical facilities. These subjects will also be covered in Internet courses.

Accreditation and Other Issues

Before you join one of these, check to make sure that it is approved by the American Nurses Credentialing Centers Commission on Accreditation or whatever is the authorized center in your country. Also keep in mind that these sites have requirements before you can take them. Check the website for more information. In terms of cost, it will vary. The more comprehensive the course is, the more you have to pay up.

Once a student finishes the online courses for oncology, their knowledge of the latest diagnostic procedures involving endoscopy, biopsy as well as therapies will improve immensely.