Online Courses for Opticians

There are now many online courses for opticians for those who want to take up this career. There are websites that give an Associate of Applied Science with a concentration in opticionary.


These web based programs provide students with the education required for creating, designing and fitting contact lenses and eyeglasses. Associate’s degrees are frequently offered online. This helps explain to students the various aspects of the subject.

The features will vary per site. But they will instruct all participants theoretical and technical lessons. These instructions help their would-be clients with their vision and eye care needs.

Areas of Study

Basic and advanced contact lens concepts are central to these classes. These web based schools also provide instructions for studying the human eye physiology and its anatomy. The dispensing theory is also explained in detail.

One of the aims of these courses is to ready the students for the licensing examination that is given in their respective states. At the same time these lessons can serve as the basis for continuing education.

Program Requirements and Information

Almost all schools will require students to have a General Educational Development (GED) certificate or high school diploma. There may be other requirements; these will be stated in the website. Note that there are very few full online courses.

The majority of these curriculum are hybrid; the web courses will combine online lectures with on-campus lessons and instructions. The student will also have to do clinical work. Web courses often require students to perform different kinds of lab work.

How Web Courses Work

Websites use different means for presenting their coursework. Some use their own learning management system. Others use Blackboard to enable students and instructors to interact. Other websites make use of discussion boards. These also give students and teachers room to interact.

Other Information

You will need a computer with a fast Internet connection. This will be necessary if the lectures are in video format. The subjects covered differ. However, all of them will focus on optical maintenance for patients. Also covered in these courses are business management and many others.

These courses are typically divided into three parts: basic, intermediate and advanced. Additional subjects will include optical terminology, optical formulas and various calculations.

Online courses for opticians are available in different forms. You should evaluate the contents of the site before proceeding. The duration of these courses also differ. Take your time when going over these programs.