Online Courses for Optometry

Online courses for optometry make it possible for professionals to further their education. The majority of Internet based optometry classes are for professionals; those who have working experience. The requirements of medical boards differ. These can be met in courses on the web.


Optometry deals with vision problems. Common eye disorders and advanced ailments are also reviewed in these sites. To become a professional, they have to meet or surpass the minimum requirements imposed on doctors in the United States.

This means finishing eight years of schooling (four years undergraduate and four years in med school). Internships follow which last from 3 to 8 years.

Education Credits

As the facts show, their educational requirements are very formal. That is why Internet courses are designed for the professionals and practitioners. It allows them to get education credits. These credits are applicable to state regulatory medical licensing board requirements. Because the courses are on the Internet, they become easier to schedule and take.

Course Contents

It depends on what course they are studying. There are courses which focus on optometry laws. They will review the laws that apply to their state as well as related ethical issues. The main purpose of this course is to keep them updated on any policy changes. Enrollees can also concentrate on addiction and substance abuse and how to deal with them.

Other courses stress oral medications and eye care. Various kinds of eye ailments are reviewed and studied. They focus on the various treatments which can be administered orally. These Internet programs make use of case studies to help determine strategies and show the disease’s effects. The lessons center on the common medications used.

Other Information

There are also courses which focus on specific disorders like glaucoma. In these instances, the user will use computer applications to determine how the disease progresses.

They will also use software to interpret and make a diagnosis. Other courses center on optometric laser surgery. Laser is used to treat several eye conditions and diseases. The myriad types of laser processes and methods are discussed. These lessons will also explain the possible complications that may arise.

When choosing online courses for optometry, you have to consider the cost, accreditation, and success rate and exam success. If you want to focus on specific subjects make sure the Internet course has that track. If there is on-campus work on specific areas, check the quality of their clinical facilities.