Online Courses for Paralegal in UK

Online courses for paralegal in UK are now being offered by several colleges and universities. Although these programs are not free, they are cheaper compared to traditional schools.


The purpose of these classes is to help aspiring paralegals. Several kinds of paralegal degrees are available. These programs have several features. Their goals are to help attorneys and lawyers with their cases.


There are several features in these courses. The majority of these programs focus on legal research. Beginners’ courses focus on the basics. Training courses are either intensive or a short course. The lessons in these courses are sufficient to get them ready to step into the legal world. By taking these courses you will be able to undertake several studies easily.

Courses are usually divided into several modules. Modules can last for six weeks. Topics include the English legal system, civil law, criminal law and law of tort. Contract laws are also covered. After going through the beginner courses, students are going to focus on subjects like procedural law, matrimonial, civil litigation and criminal litigation. Conveyancing & litigation are also covered.

After graduating, paralegals can start their legal career. They can work in public or private sectors. Jobs are not difficult to find because paralegals are very much in demand. The course will teach students how to interact with solicitors. These courses also instruct you how to deal with banking laws, real estate etc.


These programs allow students to log in anytime. Many of these videos are recorded. This allows access anytime. This is beneficial for students who are not in the UK. Regardless of your time zone, you can access the lessons.


This will vary depending on the class. Students with knowledge of English, IT and math are going to have an advantage. Office experience is also going to be of help. A computer with a steady Internet connection is required.

Other Information

Most of these programs are hybrid. Some courses are online while others are a combination of online and live classes. Some of these classes offer video conferencing. This feature is being used by a lot of sites, reducing the need to travel. Salary levels vary. The lowest is £16,000 and can go up to £25,000 a year.

Online courses for paralegal in UK are available from many sources. You may see some programs advertise themselves as “free”. However, these are actually one-time classes that teach you specific software only.