Online Courses for Paralegal Ontario

Online courses for paralegal Ontario can prepare you to take up this career in a convenient manner. To become a paralegal, you will need to get a license. At the same time you must meet the requirements of the Law Society of Upper Canada.


Before you take one of these up, it is important you know what a paralegal is. They are sometimes confused with lawyers’ assistants. But in Canada, they are more common than lawyers’ assistants. Online courses will explain what their tasks are.

One of their most common duties is representing clients in various legal proceedings. For instance, they are allowed to represent clients in cases where the sentence does not exceed six months.

Course Features

These courses explain the licensing requirements. Because it involves legal matters, the procedure is strict. Even if you have a license to practice in the US or another country, you still have to get a separate license in Ontario. These courses also detail how to enroll in approved universities.

Anyone who wants to apply must have graduated from an accredited paralegal education program in Ontario. Those who studied in a university outside Ontario have to submit their school’s course descriptions to the Law Society. This is to determine if the coursework is similar to Ontario’s legal programs.

Submitting Applications

Applications can be submitted over the web to the Law Society. You can also download an application from the site. Applicants must also produce the Good Character Amendment form and college transcripts along with other documents. The Good Character Amendment form consists of questions regarding any troubles with the law you have gotten into.

The submission fee is $500 CAD. Aside from knowing facts about paralegals and related jobs, knowledge of Canadian laws will be required. When submitting an application, provide a contact number and address. The Society will contact you via the address you give.

The Exam

You can take the paralegal licensing exam after your application has been approved. This will be supervised by the Law Society. Registration can be done online. The examination concerns practice management, ethics and professional responsibility.

After taking online courses for paralegal Ontario, you can take the examination. Those who pass will get the license needed in the profession. You have to make a formal request at the Law Society Registrar’s Office. The forms you have to submit are the Certificate of Fitness Form and Petition for an Issuance of a Paralegal License. This can be done online.