Online Courses for Personal Trainer Certification

Online courses for personal trainer certification give people the opportunity to gain recognition via web based training. These programs have been developed by industry leaders and experts, thus assuring their high quality.


Programs begin with basic concepts such as terminology and fitness theory. There will be some discussions about the human body and the muscular system. This is usually followed by exercise prescriptions and programs. Online courses also offer advice for warming and stretching, which are necessary.

The remainder of these lessons consists of exercises for the shoulders, legs, biceps, forearm, chest, back and abdomen. Fitness trainers must also be versed in first aid and handling Injuries. Training isn’t enough; trainers and clients must also take the right food and nutrients. That is why this topic is included in all health / fitness courses.

Weight loss management, common injuries suffered by sports athletes and business management are explored in depth. The latter is for those who want to start their own fitness business program.

There are many other subjects that are coveted. These include a trainer’s roles, responsibilities and ethical issues. You will also learn about good gym habits, the benefits of exercise and basic fitness principles. Aerobics, repetitions, sets and overtraining are also explained in detail. Other related topics may also be included.


These programs are for those who want to get certified and start a career in the fitness industry. Online classes are also suitable for those who need to get basic training skills. These sites have been designed so beginners won’t have a difficult time understanding fitness concepts. Exercise samples are provided throughout these programs. Graphics and animations are used extensively.


Applicants must have an email account and Internet access. Some websites will recommend you use a specific type of web browser. Familiarity with anatomy and medical terminology will be pluses. Most if not all the study materials will be provided online.


Some of these online programs cost over $100. But there are more affordable programs that only set you back less than $70. A cheap package is not necessarily bad. You should check what kinds of topics are included in the course. The credentials of the site are important too needless to say.

Online courses for personal trainer certification can be your ticket to a profitable job. With more and more people becoming fitness conscious, the demand for these instructors is going to go up. Getting a certification will boost your stock.