Online Courses for Personal Trainer

Online courses for personal trainer are present for those who want to assist people in remaining healthy. Those who specialize in this degree can train athletes for sporting events, lose weight and achieve other goals.

Overview and Requirements

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Some online programs are virtually complete, but others only offer samples or outlines. These can be useful in determining if the program is suitable for your requirements. You will need a computer with Internet access. Of course you have to be physically fit. There are tests available to determine this.


These courses use different types of media. Some rely on step by step illustrated guides. Others make use of audio and video. The latter is now used more often as Internet connection speeds have improved. There are also sites that use presentations to describe the exercises and lessons.

The majority of colleges and universities in the US also provide Internet based certificates. A lot of these web courses focus on individual training, but there are also those that specialize in group training.

Other Coursework Elements

Aside from offering various kinds of training regimen, these courses also introduce participants to respiratory and cardiovascular systems, functional anatomy and kinesiology. There are also Internet courses that emphasize postural assessments. There are presently special studies for continuing education for trainers.

Frequently included are screening processes and proper nutrition. An integral part of these studies are developing custom exercises for their clients.

Advanced Features

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Different forms of resistance training are usually made available. Other concepts which are explained to students are improving flexibility and keeping one in good shape. There are also courses where trainers can develop exercises for senior citizens. Special courses are also available for those who have health problems.

Would-be trainers can learn about weight management, fat metabolism and fitness in general. All of these are necessary for training, which is why they are studied in these schools.

Other Information

Some Internet courses offer field internships. This can last for a couple of weeks or as long as six weeks. After the students graduate, their online teachers can place them in health fitness centers. The site will usually pick a facility that is near you. Different tasks may be performed there including muscle training studies.

Those who take online courses for personal trainer can use this experience and pass certification examinations. You can also use the course to pursue your education further.