Online Courses for Petroleum Engineering

Online courses for petroleum engineering is one of the rapidly emerging trends in Internet education. The field is proving to be popular because of the potential to make good money.


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Internet courses about the subject cover several topics including fluid properties, chemistry and geology. Graduates can look forward to working in different sectors of the oil industry. Most of the job openings will become involved in looking for and digging up oil. These courses will also be of interest for those who are into commodity trading or working in government.

Course Contents and Features

Coursework contents range from basic materials to more advanced concepts. These are available for different kinds of people including sales representatives, physicists, chemists and geophysicists. These courses are also available for technical managers and assistants and those trained at engineering. Continuing education programs are also available for engineers.

The topics vary, but most of them will include studies of reservoir fluids, recovery methods and surface processing. Petroleum geology, production operations, well testing and formation damage are also studied extensively. Students who participate in these classes will also learn about well testing, completion and formation damage.

The technology used for drilling will also be covered in these courses. Exploration technology and unconventional gas are also studied in these courses. Students can also work on the fundamentals of under-balanced drilling, reservoir engineering and various analysis workshops.

Hybrid Courses

These courses are often hybrid in nature. Although many of these classes offer extensive study tools online, they will require hands-on work particularly for the more advanced concepts.

This is often needed when studying subjects like oil drilling. Other topics which can be studied are geostatistics, reservoir petrophysics and physical geology.

Other Information

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Many of these internet classes also offer doctorates and undergraduate engineering degrees. Some of these programs are not just for people who want to work in the industry. These courses also enable them to work in several fields related to it.

They can find jobs in the public sector or at the financial markets. There are also short courses for studying oil production technologies, geology for nongeologists and acid gas compression and injection.

Online courses for petroleum engineering also offer courses for natural gas dehydration, project finance for oil and gas and basic courses. These basic courses will last only five days or so. Note also that the costs of these classes will vary. You should check as many as possible before proceeding.