Online Courses for Phlebotomy

With online courses for phlebotomy, students will be trained at drawing blood samples. After graduating, participants can be considered as health care professionals.

Coursework Overview

Web study programs allow students to study at their own pace. Reading materials or videos are used to illustrate points. Most of these online courses will have instructors demonstrating on video how venipunctures are given. Together with reading materials, videos make the procedure easier to understand. This is not the only topic covered in these classes.

Students must first learn basic concepts about blood and how it is defined. They will also gain knowledge about phlebotomy legal issues. Students will also gain knowledge of medical terminology used in the practice. Apart from the courses mentioned, other subjects are included in a typical curriculum. Among them are human growth and development, microbiology, anatomy and physiology.

Participants must pass a test before they can move on to more advanced subjects. A final exam is given before students can graduate. Course duration varies, but it can be as short as three days.Longer courses involve more subjects.

Free Courses

There are free courses on the subject, but they will not have the clinical training aspect. Free courses also do not earn credit. Formal education is required to be accepted in all companies. However, the information in these sites can be useful for those who are still thinking if they should enroll in a formal class.


Applicants must have GED or a high school diploma. Most of these programs are available 24/7, so students may apply anytime. There are online programs that offer hands-on training. This can be arranged at a facility near the student’s location. Hybrid or not, students are often required to learn medical assistance skills.

Job Prospects

Graduates can find work in clinics, laboratories and other medical institutions. The average salary is $26,000. The salary can go higher depending on the worker’s skills.

Other Information

Many universities offer degrees online that feature phlebotomy. Many universities have affiliate health programs online. After graduating, students can apply in an entry level position or be a phlebotomist.

Email, chat rooms and discussion boards can be used by students to stay in touch with peers and their instructors. Online classes also provide their students access to libraries and other resources.

Online courses for phlebotomy are usually certificate programs. But there are also associate degrees available. The majority of traditional degrees and certifications are now available on the web.