Online Courses for Physics

Online courses for physics are becoming more widely available on the web. Although it is not yet as prevalent as other courses, they are present for those who want to study them more. Many of the universities in the US have online components to go along with their regular programs.


These web based programs can be obtained by taking one of the physical sciences or a master’s degree in engineering. You can also take a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Just like their on-campus counterparts, these sites have exams, tests and different kinds of learning materials. These courses are full credit.

On-Campus Work

Because physics involves a lot of experimentation, many sites require on-campus work. On-campus work usually means working in a lab that is affiliated with the Internet course. However, there are now many sites which use video, animation and other web technologies to perform simulated lab work over the web.

Topics Covered

Physics has several branches. Some sites will have subjects on most of them. Among them are electromagnetic induction and magnetism, astrophysics, electrostatics and oscillatory motion. These lessons will be comprised of reading materials, graphic illustrations and / or animation. Video may also be used in some websites to elucidate various points.

Animation and video can be particularly helpful when it comes to explaining thermodynamics, wave motion, particle motion and rigid body motion. Other subjects which you can take up are astronomy, general relativity, special relativity and quantum mechanics.


Online classes are usually available 365 days a year. The schedule is usually more lenient than traditional classes. However, some sites do have deadlines when it comes to projects and assignments.


These courses usually require a passing grade in advanced mathematics or calculus. Other websites may require specific grades. This will also depend on what kind of course you are taking. Astronomy for instance, is a graduate only level course. This course and others like it will require at least a year’s experience in teaching. Check the course first.

Other Information

Rarely will you find an Internet study site which has courses on all physics subjects. Some of them may offer only courses on select subjects like electromagnetism, classical mechanics and Einstein field equation.

Online courses for physics have a wide range. Bachelor’s degrees are the most common, but doctoral degree levels are also becoming commonplace. Note that the advanced courses are only available for those who are advanced in their own field. .