Online Courses for Quality Center

Online courses for quality center HP software utility can be learned in many Internet sites. But there are also some colleges with HP software courses. After completing this program, you will learn how the application works with client workstations.

Coursework Overview

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These courses explain how the software functions with servers in a business-oriented setting. Training programs cover prerequisites, project planning and customization. This includes training for QC v11, advanced reporting, project customization and workflow.

Other areas of study are site administration, migration course, upgrading to Quality Center 11 for administrators and users training. Students also learn about business models and using agile development processes. These courses are arranged so that you will learn to track data in a test project life cycle. You will also find out how to organize information.

Additional Details

You will get trained to simplify the quality assurance process. You will be skilled in using the software inside an organization. Participants get trained on how to prepare detailed reports and assurance tools. In certification boot camp training, you are going to learn the skills required to get an HP certification.

QC v11 training explains how to use major functionality of the program. Other topics include defect tracking, test planning and executions, requirements and cycles. You will also get training on defining releases.

Other Information

Advanced training topics explore customization. You will also understand how to utilize reporting options in the center. Furthermore, customization explores tasks that have to be conducted by project managers. You will also study how to perform tests to set the project up. These courses include customization, planning and creating of numerous projects. The end of the course enables you to utilize the program for company needs.


Windows based servers with HP QC program should have at least a quad core AMD64 microprocessor or equivalent. This is the same requirement for computers running on Linux. For client workstations, the minimum specs are core duo processor 1.6 GHz or better. Servers running the program have to have 8 GB at least.

For client workstations, 2 GB is needed. At least four GB of RAM is needed for servers running this program. 2 GB is needed for client workstations operating the software. This utility is compatible with Windows Server 2008 64-Bit with service pack 2.

Online courses for quality center are usually not offered as specific programs in colleges. But you may find them in schools that offer classes on HP related software.