Online Courses for Quantity Surveying

Online courses for quantity surveying are for people working in the construction industry. But these can also be taken by students who process home insurance claims, do electrical work, home or office remodeling.

Degree Options

The most common choice is to enroll in a construction management course. But degrees in architecture and engineering will also teach you the basics of construction.

Coursework Overview

The core subjects teach students how to estimate the costs of materials. You will also learn how construction components are installed. Students find out how structures are explored and why these activities add up the costs. There are also courses teaching you how to utilize estimating software and various estimating procedures.

Specialty courses are also available as well. Courses explain the way blueprints are read. Using this blueprint you will learn how to estimate costs. Programs include studies of electrical and mechanical systems. In online courses, you must study HVAC systems.

Additional Details

Apart from an understanding of construction basics, other topics have to be studied. Students must learn about client management and how to develop a plan. There are also courses which explain how to finish a job. There are also study programs explaining how to estimate the cost of paving, underground utilities and earthwork. In some classes, you have to study a specific number of subjects.

There are also courses that focus on the cost of masonry, carpentry and other materials. Aside from degrees, there are also certificates that you can take. Some programs are aimed at people who plan to work in real estate. Students also learn what documents you have to work with in this business.

Live Training

On the job training and internships are available in these programs. You learn how to offer estimates. Internship and live training usually can take place in a construction site. Students learn what factors influence the cost of a project. Live classes can lead to an entry level job. During these exercises, students work with a superintendent or project manager.

Other Information

Online websites, colleges and technical schools offer certificate programs too. You can buy courses in packs. You can also purchase courses one by one. These subjects focus on construction process fundamentals. Students also learn how to think critically.

Online courses for quantity surveying can be used in many industries. But their most common use is in the construction industry. They are also known as construction cost estimators.