Online Courses for Quants

Online courses for quants will develop your skills in mathematics, computing numerical data and statistics. By the end of one of these courses you will understand its practical applications and where it can be used. The core subjects will center on quantitative finance or analysis or both.

Coursework Overview

Quant study classes and courses teach linear programming and decision theory, correlation, confidence intervals, estimation, central limit theorem and sampling methods. Other subjects will be about the normal probability distribution, discrete probability distributions, how to survey probability concepts and data measures of central tendency descriptions.

Additional Details

Other subjects are going to center on capital, risk and how the subject affects financial institutions. These types of courses are targeted at people who have knowledge of working in finance companies and those working in limit settings and capital allocations. Other subjects that have to be studied are limits management framework and limit types. These include counterparty, expectations, transaction and stop loss limits.

You will also study subjects such as capitals focused on risk management and different kinds of risks and capital. Other subjects are about Value at Risk (VaR) measure and how it can be used. You will also learn the limitations of VaR. Other topics are going to spotlight on optionality, convexity and duration. There are also subjects about generator or distribution function, pre-trade controls and limits.


At the end of the course, students will understand how regression equations are calculated. They will also learn how a statistical hypothesis can be tested. At the end of the course, you will comprehend the Fokker-Planck and Kolmogorov equations, transition density functions, the trinomial random walk and Wiener process. Different types of financial analysis are covered too. You will also find subjects about Fixed and floating interest rates.

Other Information

These courses will also teach you different aspects of quantitative finance. Some of the subjects are going to focus on stochastic differential equations, stochastic calculus and transition density functions. Other topics cover random behavior of assets as their focal point.

Other subjects that are usually included are correlated random walks, stochastic integration, moment generating function and construction of Brownian motion/wiener process. Other areas of study are the Binomial Model, risk neutrality, no arbitrage and simple volatility estimates.

Online courses for quants can vary widely in quality and content. There are few free resources on the subject. Before you enroll, assess their accreditation. Check also how comprehensive they are.