Online Courses for Quark

Online courses for Quark explain how this program is utilized for creating publications, newspapers and pamphlets. These classes can be found in websites. But there are also some colleges that teach different versions of this software.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with Quark courses cover this program in depth. Topics begin by exploring the application Interface. The succeeding courses also cover page layout and design, working with text, working with images and printing and output.

A look at an Internet course syllabus may have topics exploring its other features. Students discover how to use the Quark toolbox, set preferences and how to use the palettes. Basic courses teach you how to utilize box drawing tools, ellipse and draw lines. Part of the training is using ruler and guide snap, adding and using guidelines. You also learn about page and master set-up and using the control palette.

Additional Subjects

When you study page layout and design, the subjects cover page numbering, working with master pages, spacing and aligning items. Creating & functioning with groups, preparing images for import and setting up text externally are covered in these classes. Pantones, process and color use are covered.

There is a separate course for using text. When studying images, the topics covered are EPS files, scanning images correctly, scaling and moving. Other topics related to images are rotating, cropping and text flow around images.


These courses can be customized to suit a student’s requirements. Many of these courses are self-paced. Classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced programs are available. By the time you finish, you will learn how it is used. Students get training for commercial printing, creating sales material, posters and adverts. Other topics concentrate on product leaflets and newsletters.

Other Information

Quark Xpress has many other features covered in online courses. In printing and output courses, you have to take up subjects such as exporting PDF for Internet, working with bureaus & printers and process color printing. Spot color printing is also covered in most courses.

Additional features include creating bulleted lists, using tables, exporting to PDF format with bookmarks. There are also subjects focused on using text paths, drawing picture and text boxes with the Bezier tools. You also learn how to use character style sheets and making index and lists.

By the time you finish online courses for Quark, you will be become familiar with graphics creation and page layout. There are other topics that can be learned depending on how intensive the course is.