Online Courses for QuickBooks 2008

Online courses for QuickBooks 2008 are available in different forms. Some prefer one over the other. To make the right choice, you should become familiar with the training programs on the web.

Training Programs

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These courses used to be only available in seminars and convention centers. But many are now being held online. The price tag varies, but expect to pay at least $200. It will cost more if you select comprehensive lessons. While these programs can be expensive, they are very detailed. The topics begin with basic accounting principles.

Participants will learn how to prepare an income statement, how to conduct online banking in QuickBooks 2008 and assessing the costs of goods that you have sold.

Other Features in Web Courses

Learning how to use a balance sheet is another subject covered in these training programs. Differentiating accrual from cash-based accounting and learning to utilize double entry when accounting are also studied in detail.

Aside from these tutorials, participants will also learn how to upgrade if they are using an older version of the software. Learning how to navigate the interface is very important so it is studied in detail. These courses explore the application interface, its icons and so on.

Internet training programs also explain how to use, make and edit a Charts of Account. Other topics include setting up and using items, configuring sales tax items and setting up a Customer Center. Customer Information is divided into separate categories.

In web courses you will learn about adding a new job, making an invoice, printing, voiding and emailing invoices. Evaluating finance charge, creating client statements and refunding clients are some of the more advanced topics covered.

Other Information

There will also be QuickBooks 2008 tips on several subjects. For example, there will be information on making vendors inactive and deleting accounts, setting a vendor account number, adding a new vendor and using the Vendor Center. Additional topics include working on Open Purchase Orders reports, Inventory reports and Unpaid Bills reports.

There will also be tutorials on Accounts Receivable Aging reports, Sales by Item Summary reports and modifying a report. These programs also explain common mistakes made and how to avoid them when using the program.

Online courses for QuickBooks 2008 can also come in the form of hybrid programs. Some elements will be discussed online while others will be on-site. It is up to you to decide which best suits your needs.