Online Courses for Quicken

Whether you have a small business and you need to keep track of the monies going in and out on a daily basis; or you want to keep track of your personal finances, Quicken will be able to help you monitor where all your money goes to per month.

It is a type of accounting software that is designed to assist individuals with keeping track of their finances. If you have never tried using this software before and you want to learn how to use it, you can check out online courses for Quicken that are readily available through the internet.

Non-Credit Online Courses for Quicken

Quicken courses are non-credit courses which means that when you take any one of these, your completion of the course will not be included in your school credits.

There are however online schools that offer a short course on this that give certificates to their students who have completed the course successfully.

For individuals who are not computer-savvy, taking a short course on How to Use Quicken is recommended as you may find parts of the software program confusing.

Basically, when you take this course you will be walked through the whole process of setting up your Quicken account, helping you get familiar with the interface and using the software’s various features.

When you have successfully completed your course, you can now manage your finances more effectively. You will know where your money goes to as well as how much money you still have in your bank account via the automatic update feature.

Usually, a short course on Quicken costs about $35 but if you want to get a certificate after you have completed the course, the cost will go up to about $60.

Downloadable Quicken Tutorial

On the other hand, if you are quite adept with using the computer and you know how to install software programs; you may not need to pay for an online course anymore just to learn how to use Quicken.

Through the official site of Quicken, you can download a Quicken Tutorial which is normally given in PDF format and then you can simply follow the step-by-step guide on how to set-up your Quicken account and use its different features.

You can learn all about setting preferences for your account, inputting bank details, setting automatic updates, categorizing your transactions and setting up your bills and regular income straight from the tutorial.

Most importantly, you can start saving again once you’ve learned how to manage your finances – all with the help of Quicken.