Online Courses for Radiologic Technology

Online courses for radiologic technology get students to enter the imaging sciences field. These programs also explain the fundamentals of diagnostic imaging tests.

Coursework Overview

Radiologic technology schools are divided into several modules. Topics include radiologic positioning i/lab, medical terminology, introduction to radiology/patient care and radiologic nursing procedures.

There are also courses on radiation biology & protection, microcomputer, communications, imaging physics and advance exposures. Other topics include image analysis, social/behavioral science, advanced medical imaging and pathology. Other topics may have to be studied. It all depends on the degree you are taking. Continuing education is also available for those who want to keep their knowledge current.

Additional Details

A student who enrolls in one of these courses has to take computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and X-rays. You will learn theoretical concepts about these tools. Live training is required for using the equipment.

The live training programs will take place in campuses that take place close to the site. Other subjects are total quality in health care, advanced quality assurance and radiographic pathology. There are also courses on health care management and cross-sectional anatomy.


You can take different degrees including a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS). Requirements will vary, but most sites require applicants to have an associate degree in radiologic technology. Work experience is also a plus. Students who want to finish general education requirements and other subjects.

They must also take a specific number of electives. Your computer must have DVD/CD capabilities, high speed Internet access and a web browser. Some of these programs are for advanced students while others are for beginners.

Format and Features

Online classes will take several weeks to complete. They are divided into modules and semesters. There are also discussion boards, email and chat rooms in these classes. Many of these programs offer numerous credit hours for students. Videos and audio are used in online classes. The internship programs have different elements. If you are going to study one of these programs, you need to check the requirements needed.


Universities with radiologic technology classes have some prerequisite courses. These may include college algebra, human anatomy & physiology, physics, English composition and physiology. Satisfactory grades are required for these courses.

Online courses for radiologic technology are always being updated because the technologies are always changing. Aside from the subjects stated, there may be others that will be included in the curriculum.