Online Courses for Real Estate Appraisers

Online courses for real estate appraisers are increasing and being offered in many community colleges and universities. Before you can become an appraiser, a license is required. This is true regardless of whether you study online or not.

Coursework Overview

Real estate appraisal schools start by covering the basic aspects of the job. You will learn different types of value, influences on real estate value, sales comparisons approach and appraisal statistical concepts. Other subjects are about real estate analysis, property description, valuation process and real estate market & analysis.

Students have to study economic principles, legal considerations in appraisal, narrative report writing, valuation of partial interests and operating expense ratio. An Internet course on the subject includes topics on estimation of income & expenses, gross rent multiplier analysis, cost approach and site value. Courses also explain safety procedures and acceptable workplace practices.

Additional Details

Would-be appraisers also have to study trends and locations. They have to learn how to track changes that affect property values. At the end of this course a student learns to make assessments, leases and sales. You will also discover how to search for public records for transactions. Optional courses include photography.

This is necessary for estimating property cost, making an appraisal report and to substantiate findings. You must also study how to create reports with the information you accumulated. Real estate appraisers are taught what their responsibilities are. The relevant laws are also studied.

Objectives and Goals

At the end of one of these courses, you will learn how to work proficiently without any guide. You are also going to find out how to work within a group. Communications skills are covered. This is necessary so you can interview clients and other people versed in the industry.

You will discover how to talk with realtors, homeowners, contractors and other people. This is essential to get vital information. The goal of course is to compute a property’s value. You will learn to factor in income potential, value comparison of similar property, reproduction costs and depreciation.

Other Information

Students of real estate schools also have to study property measurements. These programs include training for checking property functional design and condition.

Legitimate online courses for real estate appraisers have accreditation from their respective state real estate boards. The requirements for enrolling in these classes vary. You need to have X number of hours of training before you can register.