Online Courses for Respiratory Therapy

Online courses for respiratory therapy have become more detailed and are now comparable to brick and mortar courses. This is one of the fastest growing careers in the US, making it an attractive prospect.



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A master’s or bachelor’s degree is required for those who want to go far. However in some cases an associate’s degree is all that is needed.

Coursework Contents

Internet courses cover a lot of subjects that will teach students all the facts. Among the topics which are discussed are medical gas therapy, physiology and anatomy. Those who enroll online will also have to take up cardiopulmonary resuscitation and therapeutic procedures related to the respiratory system.

Because of the nature of the lessons, these web courses require participants to at least have an associate degree from a college with accreditation. Fortunately, there are master’s, bachelor’s and certificates for these courses.


It is important that you get an accredited class. This ensures you will get the proper training and education. There are websites that list available accredited colleges, CE programs, career advice and job outlook.

Course Contents and Features

Most of these courses explore breathing disorders. Students will also explain what instruments are used and how to properly employ them. These courses will explain how to measure the lung capacity of a patient.

There are also subjects which focus on instructing patients how to use breathing instruments at home. Most of these sites allow their students to work under the supervision of doctors. This will help them assess the problems affecting the patient.

Different types of treatments are detailed in online sites. Among them are chest physiotherapy and oxygen solutions. The training courses are usually at the 4 year and associate levels.

Other Information

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There are programs which focus on respiratory care. Most of the core courses are taught in the first year of the course. These will include pharmacology, risk management and advanced patient care. The coursework will be finished online.

However, the practical training will be done at a health center. Students will also learn how to perform proper diagnostic methods. Other skills that will be explained are critical care and emergency departments.

Online courses for respiratory therapy explain how to administer and evaluate the proper type of therapy. In many sites, graduates will get an associate’s degree. Online sites offer different types of certificate and degree programs. They also offer degrees in public health and management.