Online Courses for RN Delegation

Online courses for RN delegation are available in a few training websites. But the number will likely grow as the web studies become commonplace. The settings change, but their purpose is the same: to train nurses so they can assign tasks to qualified people. An RN cannot always care for the patient, so delegation is necessary.

Coursework Overview

RN nursing schools and other training programs cover basic and advanced concepts. Nursing assistants get trained to do a variety of tasks in hospitals, clinics and other settings. Nurses who finish this delegation program learn about prescription medication administration.

The training also includes blood glucose monitoring. Their assistants may be comprised of unlicensed assistive personnel (UAPs), certified nurse assistants (CNAs) and licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) also known as licensed practical nurses (LPN’s). Additional


Part of an RNs training is knowing their responsibilities and work scope. This means being familiar with the laws that apply in your state. They are trained to select the right personnel for the right task. RNs learn to avoid overstepping their line of work. These training courses detail the conditions that are suitable for task delegation. Delegated tasks usually do not need critical thinking.
Aside from not requiring that, patients must be stabilized.

Professional judgment should not be required either. RNs must know the tasks that a CNA, LPN and UAP can perform. A CNA may record a patient’s heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate and blood pressure. But this can only be under certain circumstances. For instance, these personnel cannot be allowed to take vital signs if a patient is not table. During an emergency, the responsibility falls on the RN, not the assistants.

Continuing Education

This course can also count for continuing education. You earn credits after completing the course. This can be completed on the web too. Credits required vary by state. Those who complete this course can also take up other nursing delegation specialties. For instance, there are courses that focus on a specific disease. This short course has an exam at the end to determine your skills.

Other Information

RN nursing colleges are usually not entirely online. You may be required to attend training facilities. This is usually a short course, taking only several hours to complete. But it may take longer if you study part time.

Online courses for RN delegation are not yet that common. If you find a program dedicated to it, be certain that the site has accreditation.