Online Courses for RN Nursing

A lot of online courses for RN nursing are propping up owing to the nursing shortage. Unlike traditional schools, most allow you to study at your own time. The flexibility offered by Internet schooling is what makes it attractive for students.


It is now possible to get the initial RN licensure on the web. These classes allow you to finish only the non-clinical parts of the course. There are several types of nursing schools on the web. However, none of them allow you to obtain the clinical requirements. That part of the course is arranged at a specific medical institution.

How Internet Class Programs Work

The setup can vary, but the class is usually done at the host website. The online teachers upload the lessons and study materials. There is usually a forum where participants can talk about the subjects they are studying. That is also where they can post comments or questions to the teachers or site administrator.
With some websites there are schedules for study time. Most of the time however, students can log in any time of the day or night.

Students are given assignments and tasks. These are submitted to the site or emailed to their teachers. Those who are interested in becoming a nurse online should know coursework takes place rather than traditional tests. Some websites also offer advice online.

Campus Time

Some Internet schools may require the examinations to be taken elsewhere. In these instances the locations will be specified by the website. There are websites that require students to spend some time at campus. But this is not usually the case. Residency requirements are also not needed.

Online Standalone and University Affiliated Classes
They both offer degree programs for nurses. The difference is in the schedule. Those associated with traditional universities demand Internet students have the same schedule as students on campus.

Other Information

Here are some tips for nursing students. If you want to speed up your studies, take an accelerated course. These are offered by many Internet courses.

These courses can be finished in five weeks compared to the standard six to eight weeks. If you are busy, go for the self pacing allowed in other schools.

Some online courses for RN nursing have group classes. If you take part in these classes, the dates and program set up will be more structured. Whichever program you choose, an academic adviser will be assigned to you.