Online Courses for RN Program

Online courses for RN program are becoming more widespread to cope with the lack of nurses in the US. While these courses are commonplace, there are requirements that have to be followed.


You need to be a registered nurse first. You must have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in the field. After they pass the National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN), they will receive the required credential.

But there are some programs that mandate applicants to finish some more coursework. These may include classes in anatomy and physiology, English, math, science, microbiology and chemistry.

Other requirements will be a high school diploma or equivalent. But there are sites which are open for everyone. Once enrolled, many topics will be discussed including nursing process and ethics.


Studying these programs online means you can finish them more quickly. The schedule is not as hectic, and participants can study at home. You also have many options for finishing these classes. There are individual classes on the web you can enroll in. There are now many institutions and programs that offers these classes on the Internet.

Before enrolling, you should make sure that you get the right credit. Most of these programs allow the requirements to be completed online. These web sites however, will likely require you to go to campuses for other training components. There are sites that offer practically all the coursework needed online besides the actual nursing degree.

However, these programs will be more expensive. Because they cover a lot of topics, the schedule will not be as flexible. This will be specified in the website, so check it out.

Choosing a Web Based Nursing Program

Look for a program that matches your academic needs and budget. There are many nursing specialties, so you have plenty to choose from. Of course you have to make sure the program has accreditation. The site must also meet the state standards for licensing.

Online and Clinical Requirements

You should also check how many online hours the class requires as well as the clinical prerequisites. This will vary. If the clinical hours are extensive, you have to consider the distance. Of course you also need a fast Internet connection.

Graduating from online courses for RN program will make you eligible for legitimate work. The demand for healthcare occupations are expanding, so getting a job will not be that difficult. On the average, registered nurses will earn $62,450 or more.