Online Courses for RNs

Online courses for RNs are now being offered in several colleges. These courses give you the opportunity to study at your own pace. Flexible schedules are ideal for students who are busy. Aspiring nurses have to complete chemistry and biology before they can take this course.

Coursework Overview

RN nursing schools offer comprehensive lessons for students. Subjects include nursing foundations, mental health nursing, nursing across the lifespan, clinical leadership and professional development.

Prerequisite courses include human physiology, anatomy, public speaking, microbiology, math and sociology. They also have to study cultural anthropology and psychology. Aspiring nurses may have to study composition, English and reading. There are also subjects on managing injuries.

Additional Details

Colleges for registered nurses are also taught what their duties will be. This includes post-treatment needs. Other subjects are physical therapy, self-administration of medication and exercise programs. They must also study nutrition and diet.

RNs are also taught how to prevent illness. Health promotion is also covered in these courses. Part of their duty is to teach patients about common medical conditions. At the same time they provide support for a patient’s relatives. Because this is part of their task, an RN student has to have good interpersonal skills. This is taught in many of these schools.

More Study Options

As a registered nurse, you must also learn patients’ symptoms and medical history. They are also charged with patient rehabilitation and follow-up, administer medications, treatment, operate medical machinery and analyze results.

Internet classes have many options when it comes to study. There are forums, chat rooms and discussion boards. These sites provide links to other resources, making studies easier. These programs are operated by professionals. They will review your assignments and grade them.

Other Information

After graduating from these programs, a student will be prepared for the RN license exam. Aside from degrees, there are also certificate programs available. RN programs are present in a university’s health degree program. They provide you with all the information necessary to complete the course.

Aside from general education courses, you may be required to study behavioral science. Before you can enroll in one of these programs, you need to complete the prerequisite subjects. The emphasis may be on mathematics and social sciences. You also need to study algebra and other science subjects.

Online courses for RNs help students who want to go into specialized nursing studies. Keep in mind that the coursework will vary class by class.