Online Courses for Seniors

Senior citizens have a lot of idle time on their hands and if they are used to having an 8 to 5 job, retirement may render them bored and may even result in depression.

It is also believed that when the mind is not exercised on a regular basis, it might increase the risk of developing memory-related medical conditions common in senior citizens like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

It is therefore advised that seniors keep themselves busy or at least engage in activities that exercise their minds. This is where online courses for seniors come into play.

Online Course Options for Seniors

There are several options for online courses that seniors can consider and the most basic requirements are your own computer and a good and reliable internet connection.

Most of these courses are free and cover only a few hours which means that you can easily complete the course in less than a week – a week at most.

One of the most popular and rather entertaining courses that senior citizens can avail of teaches the basics of the internet. A good number of 60-year-olds and up are not internet savvy and often require the assistance of a family member to log-in and browse through the internet.

Through this course, the elderly can learn all about using the most common applications on the internet. Pretty soon, you may just find yourself signing-up for your own social networking account – with no extra help from anybody!

There are courses that focus on computer use particularly using various applications such as uploading, copying and editing photos to writing documents and even designing calling cards using ready-made templates.

Learning for Fun

If you love plants and would love to learn more about them so you can one day plant your own garden, there are likewise courses that teach you all about botany and the study of plants for enjoyment.

If it’s knitting or crocheting that you want to learn, baking, and cooking pasta or other dishes; there are likewise a good number of sites that offer short courses on these subjects and these are also generally offered for free.

There are so many other things that one can learn online, giving the elderly a wide range of choices for online courses for seniors and you may even want to try out courses that are not necessarily for seniors alone.

Be sure to check the requirements before signing-up for any course, especially those that are offered for free.

Some of these supposedly free courses will require you to sign-up for memberships with the site upon which you will be asked to pay a membership fee so make sure that you check the Terms and Conditions before you avail of any of the courses.