Online Courses for Social Work

Online courses for social work are offered by universities. Because these classes are online, the schedule is more convenient.


There are different types of courses on the web. Some are for undergraduate programs, graduate programs and continuing education (CE). Social work universities center on individual / family / community assistance. Their areas of specialty are helping victims of abuse, handicaps, alcoholism, addiction and poverty.


In undergraduate programs, topics include an introduction to social welfare and social work, generalist practice foundations, Institutions and policies and the social environment. Other courses that students may be required to take are aging and society, human behavior, field practicum and research methods introduction. Online seminars may be available.

The focus can be on current issues, job outlooks, the challenges workers face upon graduation and many others. More advanced courses are about family and how they cope with alcoholism, drugs and other problems. There are also subjects about social services for children, families and youth, senior services and individual studies.

Graduate study programs include studies on social values, history, services and policies. There are also topics about social policy analysis, special studies, multi-systems practice in substance abuse and different kinds of social problems. Students also have to take up psychopharmacology, health/mental health work and policy practices. Graduate students are going to learn about school policy practices, the law and practice with adolescents.

A comprehensive study program will have to take other subjects. For instance, you can study practices with children, family welfare and aging populations. Additional areas of concern concentrate on consultation, supervision, human services management and evaluation.

Universities also offer subjects on data analysis, practicum and transcultural generalist practice. You will also study Intervention and evaluation practices, community and organizational concepts and ethical issues.

Job Prospects

Graduates can find work in different fields. They can work as field managers, supervisors, clinicians or practitioners. It all depends on what kind of degrees you took up. The most popular is a bachelor of arts in social work (BASW) but other options are available.


Taking part in social work studies means using text, graphics and video for lessons. In hybrid courses, seminars and live conferences are included. Course availability varies by university. Some are available only during certain times of the year.

Online courses for social work are comprehensive. Fortunately, you can see the course listings before enrolling. Prospective students can also check out the admission and system requirements.