Online Courses for Social Workers in Canada

Online courses for social workers in Canada are open for those interested in helping people going through hardships. These jobs are very popular in the country and highly sought after.


Introductory courses explain the various services that these workers provide. The different kinds of therapy are also explained. These programs also detail how they can help clients get out of unhealthy or potentially harmful predicaments. To become a Canadian social worker, you need a license. A bachelor’s degree is also required. Graduate degrees are required for more advanced positions.

Steps for Becoming a Social Worker

There are several Canadian universities social work programs, so there are a lot to choose from. You need to make sure that the site is accredited so finding work will be easier.

Coursework Contents

Some courses will give students the opportunity to work in general practice positions. Among them are mental health assistants, case workers and counselors. There are several subjects and fields which are studied. Among them are cultural diversity, group work, counseling strategies and social psychology.

Counseling strategies differ depending on what kind of work is done. These courses touch upon human behavior and social justice. Because social work is a vast subject, aspirants are taught different research methods. There are also courses which center specifically on working in Canada. These courses require several hours of supervised work.

More about Degrees Online

There are some companies that accept social workers with different degrees like those with undergraduate degrees in psychology or sociology. Those with sociology degrees are also accepted. However, most healthcare facilities in the country require a master’s degree in social work. This program will take a couple of years to finish. These courses will also get the students ready for more advanced work.

This courses also explain what social workers do. Students also learn about the different kinds of work that are to be done. Those interested in management positions can take up leadership courses and management. They will also be taught how to perform clinical evaluations.

Other Information

These degree programs will have hundreds of hours of internship required. Once you graduate from this course, you need to get a license.

Online courses for social workers in Canada allow you to take either clinical, advanced generalist, bachelor’s or master’s levels. You can apply for supervisory positions depending on what kind of education you work on. It is also possible to become a private clinical practitioner.