Online Courses for Statistics Correlated Data

Online courses for statistics correlated data are for students interested in taking up the subject on the web. At the same time, there are also courses for professionals who want to continue their education.


Most of these programs start with a basic introduction to the subject. There is usually a brief overview of statistics and its numerous branches. Preliminary topics include the purpose of correlation and what types are used.

Other topics that will be studied are interpreting correlations, their significance and correlations in non-homogeneous groups. These web based courses will also focus on nonlinear relations measurements, correlation matrices examinations and if the correlation is spurious or not.

These programs also have forums. This is where you can hold discussions with teachers and students. Just like in a real class, you will have homework, but they will be submitted over the web. Those who finish these statistical programs will get a transcript and completion certificate.

Other Subjects Available Online

Internet statistics education programs usually offer other subjects. Aside from introductory subjects, you can also take up social science statistics, cluster analysis, sentiment analysis, survey analysis and Bayesian Computing. Other subjects that may be taught are acceptance sampling, survival, logistic regression and distributions among others.

Program Structure

Free statistical programs do not have a tutor. The student can study anytime they want. However, these courses do not have credit. Tuition based programs however, are headed by statistics experts. They provide guidance and advice during the entire exam.

Because it is on the Internet, you can interact with other people enrolled in the course as well. Schedules vary, but most will require you to spend a specified number of hours per week studying. You can take up one course or two; it depends on the program.

Other Information

Students can also take up matrix algebra, biostatistics, count data and smoothing and P-splines. Aside from text, these sites also use graphs and charts to illustrate statistical information. These sites also provide other resources. They may have online libraries, downloadable videos and other study materials.


Most sites will allow you to apply directly online. The payment options will vary per site. They may have other requirements. You have to check the site first to be sure.

Online courses for statistics correlated data are no longer as scarce as they used to be. You just need to make sure the site has all the information you need.