Online Courses for Supply Chain Management

Online courses for supply chain management provide training and education for individuals. These websites give certificates of completion for those who graduate.


The goal of these sites is to teach you about the supply chain. This subject focuses on capital flows, material and information. Students get trained on the challenges that affect supply chains such as tradeoffs, the Bullwhip Effect, organizational silos and variability. Other subjects include product design and manufacturing procedures.

More Coursework Subjects

These programs emphasize the importance of metrics. Beginner coursework includes an introduction to chain strategies. Counteracting allocation gaming and counteracting promotions. Students will learn about order batching, keeping safety stocks steady, reducing lead times, reserving capacity and direct sales forecasting problems.

Most of these programs emphasize forecasting problems and solutions. You will also find some subjects on product life cycles and functional vs. innovative products.

There are several modules on strategies and techniques. Participants will learn the difference between responsive and effective supply chains. Application of proper strategies based on product type and the life cycle of a product.

Supply Chains and the Internet

These programs explain how the web has affected chain flows and defining a framework. Specific examples of how companies are utilizing the web are shown. Students get training on public vs. private exchanges, auctions and e-business relationships.

You will also learn about contracts and spot markets. Web programs instruct how they can be used to reduce procurement expenses. Participants learn how the web impacts businesses and supply chains. Simulations are provided so they can experiment.

Other Information

Class modules also offer concepts, and different strategies are covered. You will be given the option to decide which strategies to use. These studies enable you to determine what kind of strategy to be used in your supply chain. Students are going to learn if the money and time being spent is sufficient. Various simulation games are used to enhance your knowledge.

These programs explain facts about products and design processes. Some of the subjects are modular vs. integral design, framework for costs and benefits, advantages of design alterations and costs of postponements.

Incentive issues, mass customization, end-of-life and new product situations and many others are covered. The costs of these products vary. On the average it is around $350 or so. Study time will be at least eight hours.

Online courses for supply chain management are also available for companies. Before you join, assess the credentials of the site. Be sure to check the background of their tutors.