Online Courses for Teachers Free

Online courses for teachers free are becoming prevalent. Even existing colleges now have Internet programs designed just for instructors. These programs are also intended for those who want to be teachers. The best thing about these resources, of course, is that they are free.


Moodle Guide for Teachers
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Many of the free resources on the Internet are made not just for teachers but also by teachers. The content varies, ranging from worksheets, PDF files and various kinds of lesson plans.

A lot of the teaching training programs are made up of virtual workshops. The biggest advantage when studying with these sites is that they are self paced. That means educators can train when they can.


If you are going to look for one of those sites, make sure that it has plenty of resources. Make sure that the course has plans and lessons which can be applied in a real classroom. Theories are nice, but it is better if the lessons are practical. There are sites that offer material for specific ages (i.e. high school, college, adult education etc). Choose the one that you have to focus on. It is important that you check its sources. They have to be credible.

Coursework Features

These websites offer a lot of tips, guidelines and suggestions for teachers. You will also find several projects available for free download on these sites. These sites are also filled with crafts and numerous projects aimed at improving their career outlook.

These sites also stress the advantages of CE training for teachers and the challenges that come with it. They also have forums and discussion groups.

These can be helpful in many ways. You can use them to interact with other teachers all around the world. Many websites have a lot of user uploaded content. This gives teachers the chance to upload their own plans and lessons.

Other Information

You can be very specific about these lessons on the web. You can search by state, subject, theme and class level. A lot of these workshops are made just for educators. Most of them are made for enhancing their teaching methods in the classroom. Some of the other topics which you can study are interdisciplinary learning, inquiry based learning and collaborative teaching.

Online courses for teachers free offer a lot of video clips you can use. Of course they also have text, audio and graphics. Almost all of these sites have links to other resources.