Online Courses for Ultrasound Technician

Online courses for ultrasound technician are part of the curriculum of many universities. By taking an accredited program, you can earn a degree or certificates.

Coursework Overview

Many of these ultrasound schools require you to complete certain courses before being accepted. The subjects include medical terminology, algebra and communication skills. Other required courses are physiology, anatomy and basic physics. Other subjects that have to be completed are English composition and general diagnostic medical sonography.

There are several two and four-year programs in hospitals and colleges across the US. An aspiring technician may also take vocational certification. This route is for those who are already working.

More on Training

If all the classes and training are included, programs will last for two years. Additional subjects include instrumentation, patient care and ethics. Full time and part time studies are available. Sonography programs often require live clinical training.


This varies by state. But many are for students who have an associate or bachelor’s degree that is related to patient care. They are also open for those who have a registry in the field. The minimum GPA is 2.5. A GED or high school diploma is also necessary. Prospective technicians must also have knowledge of health, science and math up to high school level.


Even though it is not necessary, many universities provide them. Companies also prefer them. The reason is it serves as proof that the tech is qualified for the job. In the US, credentials are conferred by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. You can get credentials in specific areas such as the abdomen or breast. To get a certification, students have to pass an exam. Continuing education programs are also available for professionals.


The cost is usually around $8,000. This is for traditional and online classes. Most of these programs are hybrid; a combination of live and online assignments. This does not include the fees for books and other miscellaneous expenses. In other schools, the cost of labs, clinicals and books are included. Other possible costs may arise from CPR certification.

Other Information

Although not mandated, doctors and hospitals prefer to hire those who graduated from an ultrasound tech school that is accredited. Most of these programs take a little more than two years to complete.

Online courses for ultrasound technician are also known as sonography schools. Although the goals are the same, class features are not. Formats in online classes also vary.