Online Courses for Undocumented Alien

Few if any specific online courses for undocumented alien are available. Their legal status aside, illegal aliens can study many of the courses offered on the web.

Available Courses

Among the most popular are architecture, biology, art/design, chemistry, business / economics, education and computer science and IT. Other courses available are for science, engineering, English literature, language/linguistics and healthcare. Undocumented aliens can also take up courses in mathematics, history, philosophy, social sciences, psychology, physical education and women’s studies.

Those interested in chemistry can take up protein folding problems, organic chemistry and more advanced topics. Subjects in psychology include self-esteem, depression, mental health, social attitudes and how the environment affects people.

More Options and Choices

Each of the courses mentioned has numerous subtopics. There are also courses on architectural construction and computation, urban design policy and action. In women’s studies there are subjects about sexual and gender identities, international women’s voices and the status of women throughout history and around the world.

Science has numerous branches including physics, earth science systems theory, logic and applied science. Biology has three main subfields: botany, human biology and zoology. Engineering students can study chemical engineering, aircraft systems engineering, electrical engineering and many others.


The subjects are delivered to students online. They must enroll online first. In some cases they will be required to visit the campus for orientation. They will gain access to the site after registering. Studies may begin immediately or according to the class schedule.

Assignments and projects are given to students by online instructors. These are graded just like in a conventional class. Students are given numerous study tools. Videos, audio, animation and forums are standard features. Lecture notes, exams and periodic tests are given to their students.

Other Information

Degrees can be finished online too. Associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorates are being offered by several universities online. Aside from those stated above there are also courses for arts and humanities, MBA, criminal justice and teaching. In addition, there are continuing education programs. These are for professionals who want to keep their knowledge up to date. It is possible for undocumented workers to study these as well.

It must be stated that online courses for undocumented alien can lead to legal problems. It is recommended that the aspiring student clear up their status before enrolling in any web class. However, there should be no problems with free courses, since these do not have any requirements.