Online Courses for University Of Florida

The University of Florida takes the 58th spot on the list of the United States’ Top 100 Universities. It welcomes approximately 50,000 students per year, placing it on the 2nd spot among the largest universities within the state of Florida with regards to student number. It offers both undergraduate and graduate studies.

The University has made their courses even more accessible via their distance learning and online education programs. This allows students who are not able to attend classes at the university to take advantage of the school’s course offerings while studying right within the confines of their own home.

Online Courses for University of Florida

The University of Florida offers a wide range of courses for undergraduate studies as well as online professional development courses for career persons who wish to take supplemental courses for career advancement purposes.

Distance and Online Courses

For courses under the Distance and Online Program, undergraduate studies include the following: Cultural Anthropology, Biology, Developmental Psychology, Economics, Expository and Argumentative Writing, Technical Writing, Professional Communication, Basic College Algebra and Public Administration in American Society, among many others.

For these courses, interested participants may enroll any time they wish but a time limit for completion will be given upon registration.

Online Professional Development

As for Online Professional Development Courses, these cover a wide range of professions, from health and insurance workers to legal assistants plus those working in the fields of Agriculture, Environment and Life Science.

The courses include the following: Environmental Occupations Training, Extension Continuing Education Solutions, Audiology Continuing Education, Dietary Manager Training, Life Care Planning, Continuing Education for Nurses, Occupational Therapy Continuing Education and Psychometry.

For insurance workers, there is the Insurance Pre-Licensing Bail Bond Agent Qualification.

Enrollment for these courses is likewise open year-round which means that you can apply for admission any time.

Tuition and Other Fees

Unless otherwise stated, study materials are to be purchased separately. This means that they are not covered by the course fee. You should also know that course fees may vary based on whether you are currently a UF student and reside within the state or you are a non-UF student and do not live within Florida.

You can check tuition and other fees right on the official site of the UF Distance Learning portal.

An online calculator for tuition is provided and the amount displayed is usually for one credit hour. You must multiply the value to the number of credit hours covered by your course.