Online Courses for US Marshal

Online courses for US Marshal cover portions of the training required. However, a major component of the program will be live. The study was expanded following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Coursework Overview

Aspiring marshals have to enroll in a criminal justice college program. The course begins with a screening process. An online course will explain what the procedure is like. You will be fingerprinted and a background investigation done.

The screening includes drug testing, a panel review, qualification screening and suitability assessment. Fitness and medical evaluations are performed by professional marshals. If you pass the screening process, you will be allowed to proceed to the training phases. During the personal background investigation, you must submit personal information. This process is going to take three months to finish. Your employment will be checked too.

The Training Phases

In phase one, you will learn the Federal Law Enforcement training center’s basic police training program. Defense techniques are taught, the same ones used by federal authorities. The training processes are classified for security reasons.

After passing this course, you will be able to enter phase II. This section concentrates on the specifics of the profession. Topics include international law, writing reports, and communications. Would-be marshals have to study aviation medicine, defensive training and mission training. They are also trained in aircraft safety and arrest procedures.


The goal of the 15 week training program is to keep people safe during air travel. These programs include intensive firearms training. This program will take longer than average. It is because law officers require a higher qualification level than regular police officers. After the training program is completed, you will undergo more professional training.


All applicants have to be 21 to 36 years old. If you do not have a degree in criminal justice, you must have three years of experience in law enforcement. A driver’s license is needed. You must also take a written exam. Your exam score is going to determine your position in the certified list.

Those with the highest score are prioritized for interviews. Interviews are conducted live. You must pay for all travel costs. This chat will determine your initiative and communications skills. They will evaluate your personal integrity too.

Online courses for US Marshal and their live training components are rigorous. They are also subject to rule or policy changes. Before you enroll in a criminal justice university program, check their admission rules.