Online Courses for Valencia

Education has been made even more accessible with the onslaught of learning portals on the internet. These days, you can complete your high school education, get a college degree or pursue graduate studies without having to step foot inside a school building or facility.

There was a time when distance education only meant that you exchange correspondences with the school via post but these days, with the advancements on internet technology, virtual classrooms have made it possible to study in real-time without having to leave your home.

What this means is that you can attend classes online together with other students from around the world.

However, there are also online courses that allow you to study completely on your own – minus the virtual classroom – upon which you will be given access to an instructor in the event that you need help with your lessons.

Online Courses for Valencia

Online courses do not only include those that you need for semester credits. There are also those that you can take to enhance your skills or for personal growth and development. As for online courses for Valencia, what they offer are Major and Degree courses for college credits.

Associate Degree

If you’re not sure yet where you want go with regards to your college courses; i.e. whether you want to pursue a baccalaureate degree or you just want to study for a specific field for work purposes, Valencia College offers Associate Degrees in Arts, Science, and Applied Sciences; among others.

You will see from the above that various fields of specialization are addressed which means that whatever field you want to carve your career path on, you will most likely find the right courses thru Valencia College’s online learning options.

Bachelor’s Degree

In the event that you want to turn your Associate Degree into a Bachelor’s Degree, you can do so with the help of the school. They can recommend you to universities that will credit your Associate Degree courses to their Bachelor’s Degree programs so you can continue your undergraduate education.

If you wish to continue your education right at Valencia College, make sure that the Associate Degree program that you are taking will be eligible for transfer to their baccalaureate degrees as not all of their Associate Degrees are eligible for transfer to a Bachelor’s Degree; i.e. Associate in Applied Science.

Associate in Arts and Associate in Science on the other hand, can be transferred to a Bachelor’s Degree program.

Incidentally, before you can be considered for any Bachelor’s Degree program at Valencia College, completion of an Associate Degree is a requirement.