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Online Courses for VCU are something anyone interested in looking into furthering their education should look into. Virginia Commonwealth University otherwise known as VCU, is more than just an educational facility; it is one of the leading research universities in the United States.

To date, there are approximately two hundred and sixteen programs offered by the university covering a large selection of subject areas including the arts, humanities and sciences.

The university provides courses to their students throughout the four seasons of the year: winter, spring, summer and fall. Online courses for VCU may likewise be available throughout the year or they may also be open only during summer.

The schedule actually depends on the course, the instructor and the curriculum.

Blackboard for Online Courses for VCU

Online courses for Virginia Commonwealth University are basically taken via Blackboard technology.

This is a web-based learning tool designed and developed to provide both students and professors of Virginia Commonwealth University with an online system that will allow them to participate in online classes and discussions as well as gain access to study materials that are shared online.

When you enroll in a class, you will be given your access ID to enter the e-learning portal so you can start taking your classes.

You can refer to Blackboard FAQs which can be found on the VCU Technology Services page for help in logging-in and creating your password; for managing your courses, uploading assignments, and issues relating to proper use of the system.

Courses Offered Online

During summer, VCU offers online courses for their students. There are courses designed for student leaders, courses on IT and Computer, Criminal Justice, Computer Forensic Investigation, Public Health, French, German, Medical Terminology, and Risk Assessment.

The courses are changed regularly so you may find that courses offered the previous summer are no longer available for the coming summer.

There are also courses that are offered twice per year: once in the summer for online classes and once in fall for on-campus classes.

For example, under the Department of Epidemiology and Community Health, a three-semester credit course is offered in the semester for summer and semester for fall which is Introduction to Public Health.

Programs that use a mix of online and offline lessons are likewise offered by VCU. The Master of Science in Health Administration is a program designed for professionals and is taken both online and off.

Students are required to attend on-campus classes – about six in all – in conjunction with their online classes. For this program, students usually finish within twenty-two months from date of enrollment.

Other courses also include basic computer courses that can help you develop excellent computer skills; graduate courses in Engineering; professional courses in Allied Health as well as Rehabilitation Counseling.

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