Online Courses for Vet Assistant

Online courses for vet assistant teach students are every bit as detailed as traditional classes. The subjects touch on all the major aspects of animal care. There are also several benefits to studying online, the most important being students don’t have to leave home.


Aspiring vet techs will be trained in animal caring and diagnosing diseases. They will have to perform lab tests. This is usually done in a clinic. Technical knowledge and skills development are the main focus of online coursework. Internet courses vary a great deal. Some offer short courses. Serious students can apply in more intensive programs. These can offer up to two dozen detailed lessons. Topics range from pharmacology, animal physiology to behavioral issues.

Participants are trained how to calculate the right dosages. Medication administration and med care assistance are studied in detail. Of course the core courses deal with the treatment of common diseases. Clinical pathology and wound healing and management are also part and parcel of these programs.

Other topics integrated in the curriculum are veterinary practice management, surgical instrument identification and use of euthanasia. Students discover how to restrain and handle animals. Participants must also become familiar with the terminology used by vets. These courses also require students to become knowledgeable with animal skeletal and muscular systems. Immunology and nutrition are also studied.

Students submit their assignments through the site’s portal. These lessons are reviewed and graded by the site instructors. Enrollees can get in touch with their teachers via email and other messaging systems.

Additional Subjects

Online assignments include an overview of lab tests. These will give students an idea of what to expect in these examinations. They will learn about wild animals, diseases that afflict them and how they are best cared for.

Subjects on caring for orphaned animals are also included. Other topics of study include animal reproduction and nursing in emergency situations. Geriatric and prenatal care as well as basic necropsy procedures is covered.

Other Information

Some of these Internet courses focus on the administrative and technical opportunities that exist in the field. There are also programs that develop skills needed to work in pet stores, animal clinics and zoos. Live training sessions are needed, but coursework can be finished online. Certifications and diploma programs are available.

Online courses for vet assistant will be able to work in many clinics around the US. On the average, they can make about $30,000 a year.