Online Courses for Vet Tech

Online courses for vet tech are not yet common. However, the ever growing demand for veterinary technologists will likely produce more online schools.

About Web Based Classes

The majority of these programs offer an associate or associate of science degree. These programs usually take a couple of years to complete. This is if the coursework is done full time. However it is possible to study these courses on a part time basis.

In fact many of these online classes are designed for part time students. They can take as many classes as they like for every semester. However, the coursework usually has deadlines determining when the course has to be finished.

Internet Curriculum

The programs will vary, but there may be similarities in some cases. Students have to finish courses in chemistry, biology and general science. They also have to go over subjects like veterinary terminology and animal anatomy.

Many of these classes will also teach how to administer anesthesia and do X-rays. There are also classes in pharmacology provided for students. Some of these online sites also offer information on clerical duties at vet offices.

Other topics may be included to obtain an associate degree. General topics like humanities, math, English and social sciences may be included.

Some of these sites are affiliated with state universities. You may be required to go to campus in some cases. If you are living in another state this will be difficult. So choose the one that is nearest your location.

Internship Duties

Every accredited online vet class has internship at a vet office, animal clinic or hospital. All students have to take part in it to complete the course. The internship program will take place somewhere near the location of the students. Usually students have to secure the site themselves. However, online schools do offer advice on how to choose an internship site.

Other Information

Be certain the class is accredited by the Canadian or American Veterinary Medical Association. If the program has an accreditation, those who graduate can take the national examination. Even sites whose accreditation is probationary or provisional are acceptable.

Aside from the courses mentioned, other topics may be included in the course such as assisting in surgery, studying pet vaccination and analyzing pet history.

Online courses for vet tech usually offer financial assistance to students. As long as the program is accredited, students anywhere in the US can apply.