Online Courses for Video Editing

Online courses for video editing will teach you everything from the basics to the most advanced concepts. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, there are Internet programs that can assist you.


These Internet courses train students about the subject’s most important aspects. These are graphics, color and light. Participants learn how the play of light affects the results. Two basic elements, movement and choreography, are also discussed in detail. Several techniques are taught. Students gain skills needed to use video software. Advanced courses explain how to prepare a portfolio.


Classes start with an introduction to non-linear editing applications. This includes navigating the interface of the program (the one the class recommends). Succeeding courses focus on basic video concepts and workflow.

After completing these subjects, you will be trained to make a story by arranging video clips sequentially. At this point, three point editing will be used. Next students will learn how to edit footage, do framing and make a video sequence more interesting.

Succeeding lessons will center on camera angles, taking various kinds of shots and understanding the terminology. Interview footage techniques are taught after these lessons have been learned. Case studies are provided so you will see how footage and camera shots can be used. Other courses include hardware configuration, organizing video files and gathering source materials.

Advanced subjects focus on smooth editing and pacing, continuity editing principles, connecting shots techniques and time compression. You will also understand rhythm, movement, spatial relation and graphic matching.

At this point the class will teach you how to change time and affect viewer perception. You will be trained in altering frame rates via interpolation, apply visual effects, speed up frames and comprehend sound properties.

Requirements for Students

Most of these courses will require non-linear editing program. A digital video camera is also recommended. It is best to use the software that the class specifies. Other programs will work. But you will need to make adjustments because the interface is different.

Other Information

After finishing basic assignments, more complex subjects are taught. Editing commercials, producing text title sequences, making a video diary and creating music videos are explained. Courses for making narrative scenes, interviews and video documentaries can be taken up as well.

Before signing for online courses for video editing, check the site credentials. Two other aspects you should look at are the price tags and the length of the class.