Online Courses for Video Game Design

Online courses for video game design have become very attractive for students. Because demand in the industry is high, there are great opportunities to find employment and earn a good salary. Many of these courses are hybrid, which combine online and on-site activities.


These web courses focus on the basics of gaming design and level design. Basic and advanced concepts of video game animation are explored. Students are also shown the latest technologies used in gaming. Degrees being offered include bachelor’s degrees in design and animation. Some sites also have degrees on simulation and gaming.

Students will also learn facts about physics engines, artificial intelligence and how to design and use game menus and interfaces.
Students will also be instructed about facts on console design.

Participants will also learn about the software and hardware used in games. This will be necessary to produce high quality graphics, sound and smooth animation. Web courses also examine the fundamentals surrounding multiplayer games. The ins and outs of design for consoles and video games are discussed.

More Coursework Subjects

Other online sites focus on 2D and 3D game design, programming fundamentals and game design physics. There are also courses that concentrate on the math and science involved in video games. This is very important especially in sports and simulation games.
Many of these online programs employ the most widely used 3D programs in the market. Among them are 3DS Max and Maya.

Different types of game engines are given to students for them to study. Some programs focus on 3D animation, modeling and storytelling. There are also web courses that focus on the special effects used in games. These specialty courses give students the opportunity to become FX artists or digital artists.

Job Prospects

Since its inception in the 1970s, the video gaming industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. As such it has spawned several companies. If you take one of these web courses, you will be qualified to work in these organizations.

Other Information

These programs usually take two years. Aside from offering video game tips, some courses center on planning and architecture, engine development, and 3D creation content. To design these products, knowledge about programming languages such as C++ is necessary.

Online courses for video game design are popular not just in the US but also in other countries. Because there are a lot of online schools, make sure that you study each one before signing up.