Online Courses for Water Treatment Operator

There are only a few online courses for water treatment operator available. But they are expected to grow in number as the demand for clear and pure water increases.

Requirements for Applicants

There are introductory courses to the subject online. These explain what degrees are needed to become an operator. These introductory courses also detail the various water technologies currently being used. Aside from education, experience is often required to work.

Coursework Contents

Several subjects have to be mastered before you can become an expert. Participants must learn how water filtration works and the way water systems function. They will also need knowledge of chemistry and mathematics. These courses will also explain the technology used to treat water. Once students graduate, they will have the chance to become certified.

Regardless of the online school you attend, the certification will be provided by the state health department. These courses will also explain how water distribution systems work. Studies will also include water quality monitoring and how to maintain its quality. More advanced courses detail the instrumentation and controls used in these systems.

More Facts about Certifications

The requirements to get state certification vary from state to state. However, most of them now allow exam studies to be done online. You need to make sure that the site is properly accredited however. Among the topics that will be discussed are water maintenance management, water evacuation and small and large scale systems. Students will also learn how water treatment plant systems operate.


Those who want to take up this course must also have knowledge about reverse osmosis and biology. It also helps if you are familiar with computers because they are used to control equipment.

Wastewater treatment is also covered in some of these courses. Technically, water treatment and wastewater treatment are different subjects. But the tools they use are very similar. Those who study either course can usually do both tasks.

Online courses explain how treatment plants pump water from rivers, wells and other sources and how they are chemically treated. These sites also explain how water is distributed after being cleaned. There are also lectures explaining how pollutants are removed from water and returned to the environment.

Online courses for water treatment operator often require working on-site. In other words, on the job training is mandatory. Because the job is critical, these courses often take a while to finish. The exams are also stringent.